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CSU, Turner College Continue to Rise in USNWR Rankings

 Columbus State University continues to rise in the U.S. News & World Report rankings of U.S. colleges and universities. Among the best regional universities in the U.S. South, CSU ranks 67 th , and among public universities in this category, CSU ranks 30 th . Two of CSU’s individual programs are also included in the magazine’s national rankings for 2022-2023. These are the Turner College at 411 th amount undergraduate business schools in the U.S., and CSU’s School of Nursing, which ranks 413 th among U.S. nursing schools. In the national rankings of business schools, the Turner College is tied with business schools affiliated with Morehead State University and Western Illinois University, among others, while it is ranked ahead of business schools affiliated with Arkansas Tech University and Lamar University, among others.
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Turner College Economist Publishes Timely Study on Inflation

With high inflation rates currently posing a problem in countries all around the globe, a new study by Turner College economics professor Frank Mixon and his colleague Puneet Vatsa of Lincoln University in New Zealand on business cycles and inflation is almost perfectly timed.   The study, which was recently accepted for publication by the International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance , updates stylized facts about the cyclical associations between economic output and prices.   In it, Vatsa and Mixon apply the relatively new Hamilton filter, a statistical approach that lends itself well to extracting the cyclical components from non-stationary data series in small samples, to price and output series for 27 countries, including the U.S., from 1999 through 2020.   The study finds mixed evidence regarding the cyclicality of inflation (i.e., the relationship between business cycles and inflation).   For example, Vatsa and Mixon report that inflation is acyclical in India, the Un


Turner College Center for Economic Education As indicated on the Georgia Council on Economic Education (GCEE) website, a basic understanding of economics and personal finance is essential to making informed decisions as workers, consumers, citizens, savers and investors. It is for this reason that students in Georgia are required to pass an economics course to graduate from high school – yet the majority of teachers who teach economics and personal finance have no formal training in these disciplines.  Each year the GCEE, which is headquartered in downtown Atlanta, delivers more than 100 workshops to thousands of K-12 teachers in an effort to prepare them to teach economics and personal finance creatively and effectively.  For example, in 2021 the GCEE delivered 122 workshops across 141 (of 181) Georgia public school systems.  In all, 4,890 Georgia educators were served by the GCEE in 2021, while 14,692 Georgia educators have been served by the GCEE over the past five years (i.e., 2017

Turner College Career Fair Set for September 27

The Turner College will be hosting a Career Fair on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, from 10:00 am through 2:00 pm.   Among those companies seeking business school graduates are Aflac, Global Payments, Goodwill, Group1 Automotive, Marriott, Robinson, Grimes & Company, Synovus, and several others.   This is a good opportunity for Turner College students to network with representatives from these companies, as well as with their peers.   

Alumni Focus: Justin Pierson

If you have ever travelled from Columbus to Panama City Beach, you have passed through Pittsview, Alabama.  Just south of Seale, Alabama, on U.S. Highway 431, Pittsview is home to Pitts Trailers, the world’s largest and only complete line forestry manufacturer.  The company moves the forestry transportation market forward with its log trailers, open and closed top chip vans, moving floor vans, and hydraulic elevating trailers with crawler suspension for knuckle boom loaders.  Pitts Trailers is also an industry leading construction trailer manufacturer.  At the helm of the company’s day-t0-day operations is Justin “J.P.” Pierson .  After earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration from CSU’s Turner College in 2006, Pierson began working for Pitts Enterprises.  Twelve years later, in 2018, he was named President of one its divisions, Dorsey Intermodal.  Pierson was subsequently named President of Pitts Trailers, and now oversees both Pittsview-based divisions.  In these twin c


TSYS Center for Cybersecurity Cyber Range Turner Business recently visited with the TSYS Center for Cybersecurity’s Ehab Bedir to discuss the Center’s cyber range.  The highlights of that visit are presented below. TB: What is a cyber range, and how did the TSYS Center for Cybersecurity acquire one? EB: Cyberbit’s cyber range provides hyper-realistic simulated attack experiences to TSYS School students and IT professionals.  Through delivering experiential hands-on training, the range acts as a ‘live-fire’ range.  That is, it allows students to experience and practice in hyper-realistic environments, which include enterprise-grade networks and commercial security tools.  It also allows students to get immersed in simulations of real-world cyber-attacks that they can encounter on the job, such as ransomware, supply chain, web defacement attacks, and many others.  The cost of the Cyberbit’s cyber range was $1.3 million, built with the help of a $5 million gift from TSYS. TB: What

Alumni Focus: Kelvin Scott

When it comes to careers in human resource management, Turner College graduate Kelvin Scott has had one of the more interesting.  After graduating from CSU with a BBA in marketing in 2002, Scott began his career as an assistant manager with Kenneth Cole Productions.  Working out of the company’s Atlanta and Orlando offices, Kelvin managed the interviewing, hiring, orientation, and training of all new-hires. He also assisted with strategic analysis of store performance in both sales and market share.  After four years with KCP (2003-2006), Kelvin took on the role of human resources manager for Six Flags over Georgia, where he managed all staffing events, recruitment efforts and hiring procedures.  In this position, Kelvin created, maintained, and balanced a yearly HR budget totaling $450,000.  During his time working for Six Flags over Georgia (2007-2012), he added to his education credentials by earning an MBA from the University of Phoenix.  This work prepared him for his next career